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About First 5 Tulare County

First 5 Tulare County is an independent public agency aimed at promoting, supporting and improving the early development of children during their first five years of life. The Commission accomplishes its goals by partnering with the community — organizations and agencies both large and small—to develop new programs and link existing programs in innovative ways to ensure children are healthy and ready to learn when they enter school.
First 5 Tulare County was created when California voters passed Proposition 10, the Children and Families Act of 1998, adding a 50 cents per pack tax on tobacco products. With about $6 million a year in Proposition 10 funds, First 5 Tulare County has created a number of hands-on programs with impressive results that target physical and mental health, oral health, literacy, parenting skills and school readiness.
Since its inception, First 5 Tulare County has allocated more than $85 million to schools, community groups, hospitals and day care centers, all working together to strengthen Tulare County, one child, one family at a time.

Programs, activities, and services provided or funded by First 5 Tulare County will move our community toward the following results:

  1. Children are mentally and physically healthy
  2. Children are ready for school
  3. Families are knowledgeable and able to promote their children’s development
  4. Services are culturally appropriate, integrated, and collaborative

Why we do what we do:
The children of Tulare County will thrive in safe supportive environments and enter school healthy and ready to learn so that they may grow into adulthood prepared to contribute as valued members of our community. 

What we are here for:

First 5 Tulare County will enhance the early development of Tulare County’s children by providing direct services, funding partner organizations, and strengthening an integrated system of care serving children prenatally through age five and their families without regard to income.

What's New

First 5 Tulare County has relocated
to 200 N. Santa Fe Street
April 24 - Commission Meeting
May 8 - Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
May 13 - Network of Providers Meeting
May 22 - Commission Meeting
May 26 - Memorial Day Holiday - Office Closed
June 12 - Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
June 26 - Commission Meeting
July 4 - Independence Day Holiday - Office Closed
August 14 - Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
August 26 - Network of Providers Meeting
August 28 - Commission Meeting
September 1 - Labor Day Holiday - Office Closed
September 25 - Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
October 9 - Commission Meeting
November 4 - Network of Providers Meeting
November 6 - Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
November 20 - Commission Meeting
November 27-28 - Thanksgiving Holiday - Office Closed
December 24-25 - Christmas Holiday - Office Closed

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