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Parent Resources


A program of United Way of Tulare County, which provides telephone based information and referral services and also a service provider database on its website.  2-1-1 can also assist parents who have concerns regarding their child's development by referrals. Site arranged by category including Infants/toddlers, Mother and infant care, and Parents of Infants/toddlers.

 For help, simply dial 2-1-1. 

Baby Center

A comprehensive resource for parents covering a wide range of topics from pregnancy and rearing through childhood.

California Smokers Helpline

Offers new promotional materials targeted to smokers who are pregnant or have children age 5 and under.

Colorin Colorado

A bilingual website that provides simple guides, webcasts and some PowerPoint presentations, information, and activities for parents and educators working to assist English Language Learners.

Healthy Children

A website developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and includes comprehensive information for parents on health, development, family life and other topics.

March of Dimes

A site with information to help moms deliver full-term babies and it supports research about health issues that impact babies and children. There is a link to its Spanish language site on the main page.

Safe Kids Worldwide

Useful tips organized by age of child, type of risk, space & place. It also has Spanish information.

Tulare County Library

Has an array of online services and resources available at its branches located countywide. Its website and mobile app include features for searching its holdings, books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and ordering items through the San Joaquin Valley Library System and WorldCat, an international loan system. It also has a Facebook page, a program called "My First Library Card" and Storytime for young children.

Resource & Referral

Resource & Referral Services  is the link between parents and providers in Tulare County. R&R provides parents with facts about quality care and referrals to a variety of child care options. R&R services are free and available to any parent, regardless of income.

The R&R staff is knowledgeable about licensing requirements and provides technical assistance to those individuals who want to open a family child care home or child care center. R&R also helps providers that are not required to be licensed by fingerprinting them for the TrustLine child care registry.

Bethlehem Center

The Bethlehem Center is one of the only dining halls that provides hot food prepared daily. Also providing Visalia’s needy families of the community with pantry food boxes. Meals are served in our dining hall 7 days a week 365 day a year. Meals are served twice a day. Pantry food is also offered at our in-take office located at the Bethlehem Center.Hygiene packets and clothing are offered to the Homeless of the Visalia Community. Needy families of the community are able to receive laundry service. Bethlehem Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Central California Legal Services

Legal aid provider for Tulare County offering a broad array of free or low cost services around public benefits, tenant protection and domestic violence protective order services. 

Family Services of Tulare County

Offers mental health services for children and families as well as supervised visitation services, domestic violence services, sexual assault services, and supportive housing services.

Help Me Grow Child Development Chart

Check off the milestones your child has reached and share your child's progress with your doctor at each visit.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

An organization that advocates for access to treatment, research and awareness-raising about mental health. It is a national organization, with state and local affiliates, including one in Tulare County.

Safe to Sleep

The Safe to Sleep® campaign, formerly known as the Back to Sleep campaign, focuses on actions you and others can take to help your baby sleep safely and to reduce your baby's risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related causes of infant death.

The term "SIDS" may sound scary, and the death of a baby is always heartbreaking. But there are a number of ways you can lower his or her risk while giving your baby the best care possible.

Learning about SIDS and safe sleep for babies is important for all caregivers, not just for parents. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, childcare providers, and anyone else who might care for babies should learn more. Simple actions can make a big difference.

Tulare County Local Oral Health Program

To improve the oral health of all county residents through prevention, education, and organized community efforts.


California Dental Association's webpage developed for its children's oral health campaign. It is a bilingual site (English/Spanish) and it provides helpful information about oral health, brushing and flossing, and an array of oral health information sites, some in Spanish as well.

Bright by Text

We provide invaluable information from early childhood experts on topics including developmental milestones, brain development, mental health and resilience, social-emotional competence, STEM, language and literacy, nutrition, health and more.

Central Valley Regional Center

Central Valley Regional Center's mission is to help individuals with developmental disabilities and children at risk to reach their goals. We coordinate resources and collaborate with other agencies to develop the best services for clients and families. We value diversity. We respect individual rights and choices. We commit to excellence, honesty, and cost effectivness in service delivery. 

First 5 California Parent Resources

A comprehensive source for parents organized by four topics: Health; Learning; Activities for infants, toddlers and preschool age children; and Services + Support.

Hispanic Dental Association

Website that includes a clearinghouse of bilingual (English/Spanish) language oral health information for patients.

Porterville City Library

Provides services through its Margaret J. Slattery Children's Library, including a link to the San Joaquin Valley Library System, and information about the variety of children's resources and programming.

TCOE Behavioral Health Services

Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE) Behavioral Health Services (BHS) provides mental health treatment to students throughout Tulare County school districts who are identified as in need of mental health support and intervention in order to access and benefit from special education.

If you are concerned about your child’s mental health and believe that additional support and services are necessary, please notify the School Psychologist or a member of your child’s IEP Team. All referrals to TCOE BHS are completed by the IEP Team.

Tulare Public Library

The Children's Library offers a wide variety of children's programming including Preschool Story Time, Saturday programs for children, interlibrary loans, and online services.

Academy for Educational Excellence

“We provide an educational resource within our community which sets the “Gold Standard” in researched based, specialized instruction in reading, writing and mathematics.”

California Children's Services

The CCS program provides diagnostic and treatment services, medical case management, and physical and occupational therapy services to children under age 21 with CCS-eligible medical conditions. Examples of CCS-eligible conditions include, but are not limited to, chronic medical conditions such as cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, cerebral palsy, heart disease, cancer, traumatic injuries, and infectious diseases producing major sequelae. CCS also provides medical therapy services that are delivered at public schools.

Cerebral Palsy Information Guide

Provides free educational materials, financial options and support to help those across the country affected by this disorder.

Food Link

Food Link is a food pantry that provides three to five-day food packages to those who do not have enough food. These packages are designed to provide nutritionally balanced meals.

Kids Health

A helpful resource that includes information on children's health and development and offers information in English and Spanish.

Ready at Five

Comprehensive bilingual (English/Spanish) site with practical information for parents about how to support their young children's educational development and their health. Tips on math, science and literacy are provided. 

Tulare County Breastfeeding Coalition

A webpage on the California Breastfeeding Coalition website with English/Spanish resources for breastfeeding mothers.

Mission Statement:
To promote breastfeeding of infants. To empower women to breastfeed through consistent evidence based information and support. 

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