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Babies in Tulare County Deserve a Strong Start

New Tool to Ensure California’s Babies and Young Children Get the Services They Need

Today, First 5 Association of California and Children’s Data Network (CDN) launched a new tool to help First 5 Commissions, service providers, policymakers, and government agencies more effectively support children and families, and direct resources to where they are needed most.

The California Strong Start Index, funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation, uses information collected at birth to understand the conditions into which California’s babies are born in a given neighborhood, county, or region. The index focuses on resources that promote resilience, and shows wide variability in access to these resources among the half a million babies born in California each year.

On average in California, babies are born with 9 of the 12 Strong Start assets. But there are wide differences across communities in the state. For example, there are neighborhoods where, on average, babies are born with six assets, and other neighborhoods where, on average, babies are born with 11.

As local members of the First 5 Association, we’re excited to use this tool to more effectively advocate for services and supports that help kids in our county thrive.

Visit to see how babies are faring in our community and how you can use the Strong Start Index to advocate for children and families across California.

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