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Story Time with Meli!

Literature, Puppets, and how the combination can benefit your child.

Peek-a-Bow, Minnie!

A great way to engage children in various activities is with the use of puppets. Watching them is in itself a form of art therapy for the audience. Most children are often fascinated with puppets. Sometimes this fascination can lead to overcoming fears, shyness and many other things that are not letting a child be him/herself. Interaction with puppets also encourages concentration and the use of imagination. Puppets can also help children overcome a traumatizing situation or help express their feelings.

The puppet book “Peek-a-Bow, Minnie!” is engaging and interactive. It creates a great story and engages children in becoming part of it. Make sure you make it FUN but most important of all make those MEMORIES that will last a life time!!

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