Request for Proposals

2021-2024 Program Grants

Beginning January 11, 2021, First 5 Tulare County seeks Proposals from qualified organizations to provide services to children prenatal through five years of age and their families living in Tulare County.  These services will be funded by First 5 Tulare County using Proposition 10 funds, and they must achieve measurable results consistent with the First 5 Tulare County Strategic Plan July 2018 through June 2023. 


Approximately $3.5 million is available for each year of a three-year funding cycle commencing July 1, 2021, and ending June 30, 2024.  The submission deadline is February 26, 2021.  A Mandatory “Question and Answer” webinar is scheduled for January 20, 2021, registration is available on the First 5 website by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions

2021-2024 Program Questions & Answers

Do applicants need to submit the following documents as attachments with the proposal? (Job descriptions, Proof of Insurance, Audit)

Yes, please include with your submission; job descriptions if positions are not currently filled, proof of insurance, and a copy of your most recent audit if your requested amount is $250,000 or greater.

As the grant writer, I will be submitting the proposal. Should I sign the cover page, or should it be the person authorized to sign contracts (e.g., the Authorized Agent who is signing the Disclosure Statement document)?

If your organization has granted you the authority to sign application submissions, you would follow your organization’s policy.

We are a non-profit preschool, can program be used instead of project?  Do you consider them one and the same?

The 21-24 RFP is intended to fund “programs” for children ages zero to five and their families.

There are no goals on the Strategic Plan Consistency Statement that is a document that had to be signed.  Are you speaking of the goals and objectives in the 5 year strategic plan?

The Strategic Plan Consistency Statement should indicate the “primary goal” your program intends to achieve. The goals listed on the Consistency Statement are the same as those listed in the First 5 2018-2023 Strategic Plan (page 6).

Is this a suitable funding channel to reapply for a program funding?

All programs that are currently funded will end June 30, 2021. All programs must reapply, we do not guarantee that you will be refunded.

Will the electronic version of this be provided to us?

Yes, all forms will be made available on our website titled RFP 2021-2024

Is there a benefit cap?

Yes, First 5 Tulare County will only reimburse benefits at an amount not to exceed 40% of the total personnel budget.

Is there a cap on indirect costs?

The sum of administrative and indirect cost may not exceed 15% of the total budget.

Is match required to be cash, or can it be in-kind?

Match can be cash or in-kind. Describe the specific source of all matching funds proposed to be used. Matching and in-kind funds should be at minimum 25% of the total project budget.

It was mentioned that we have to submit a three year budget to be eligible for this grant. If awarded the grant, will we be able to make budget revisions during the three year grant cycle if needed?

A funded provider is permitted two revisions per year to allow movement of funds between categories and/or line items. However, the total award amount per year may not be changed.

Can outside evaluators be included in the grant budget? Or is that evaluative component part of the grant contract with First 5 and awardees?

First 5 Tulare County contracts with an independent evaluator to work with our contracted providers. Outside evaluators will not be funded under this grant program.

When the RFP states that applicants should focus on one Strategic Priority only, is that the main priority areas (Health, Early Care and Development, etc.)? Or should applicants be focused on one specific objective only within the priority areas (for example, Objective 1. Increase the percentage of children with access to quality preventive, primary, and specialty health care.

While your program may touch on numerous Strategic Priorities, we ask that you select the “one” priority area that best aligns with your program goals when completing the Strategic Plan Consistency Statement. You may defer to the Sample Scope of Work for reference on how to incorporate your goals, objectives, and activities.

Can you please inform me of what is the basis of the indirect charge? Meaning is there specific things we can and cannot include in the indirect charge?

Indirect Costs are defined as costs that are not directly traceable to the program and are generally expressed as a percentage of personnel or total costs. The Commission recognizes that these costs may be necessary for the proper management of the program and may be reimbursable expenses. Indirect Costs include (but are not limited to) such activities as legal services, human resource department costs, advertising, audits, and some insurance premiums. Indirect costs and Administrative Expenses are NOT mutually exclusive. If the Provider has an indirect cost rate approved by its cognizant agency, that rate will be the maximum rate funded. As a reminder, the sum of Administrative and Indirect Costs may not exceed 15% of total budget.

If awarded this grant, can I utilize a portion of the funding to subcontract an outside agency to help support my program?

Consultants and Subcontractors are an allowable expense to assist with program development and/or the delivery of service. These line items are included on the pre-populated budget (Form 4).

Is it an allowable expense to give stipends to participants that take part in our program using the funding from First 5 Tulare County, if approved for the grant?

Stipends may be allowed in a reasonable amount with proper controls in place; an accurate and complete log indicating amount, including detailed information of the recipient.

In regards to the First 5 grant RFP is there a cap on the Director FTE?

The FTE (Full Time Equivalent) is determined by the amount of time a staff member would be explicitly dedicated to the program in question. FTE’s will need to be supported by time sheets and/or payroll records.

I notice on the forms that we have to fill in, such as Form 1 and so forth, when I go to type in my responses it is not in Times New Roman. The document is set up in Arial so when I type it automatically is Aril font. I know the RFP indicates on the narrative portion to use Times New Roman so I wanted to find out if I need to change my font response on all the forms that was created by First 5 or leave it in the font it is in when I open it?

You must follow the formatting instructions as indicated on page 10 of the RFP.

My Fiscal manager informed me that First 5 already has a copy of our insurance due to our IMPACT Grant. Do I still need to submit that when I submit the grant I am applying for?

Per the RFP (page 7) Successful applicants must maintain and submit annual proof of insurance with an endorsement naming First 5 Tulare County as an additional insured. If your proposal is selected for funding you would be required to comply with the insurance requirement for First 5 Tulare County.

Are all forms and narratives submitted individually? Or are we supposed to submitted all in one document?

Please upload your grant application as a single folder, and not as individual files. Your folder should be labeled as the name of your organization and program.

How would you like us to number the pages? As a whole, with each document being numbered consecutive to the document before? Or is each document numbered separately?

You may number the application pages and forms as one document.

The forms that we are required to complete that are in the drop box are not numbered nor in Times New Roman font. I will be sure to change my responses to match the requirements but do I need to change the form to include the correct font and add the page number or leave the forms how they are?

Please do not alter the forms or change any of the questions, labels, etc. You only need to meet the requirement of font and size for the portion you are completing.

In regards to the Scope of Work; do you want manager/ grant administrator information on the form? The sample that was provided did not include that personnel but with the program I am applying to implement only consists of a coach and administrator/ manager to oversee the program.

The sample provided was to give you an example of how to complete the Scope of Work. You may use the titles of YOUR staff as appropriate.

I noticed there are indicators on the Strategic Plan, is there more we can choose from for our program?

No, the indicators on the Strategic Plan are examples, please use the Data Dashboard to select indicators.

Do we create our own indicators?

No, do not create your own indicators.

Can I access the Data Dashboard on the website to utilize on the Evaluation Plan.

Yes, the Data Dashboard is on our website located with all RFP 2021-2024 documents

I am a lactation consultant at Adventist Tulare and would like to apply to remodel our lactation room.  The room is on our 3rd floor, it is also used by other employees to pump and to do lactation consultations. Will this project be eligible for the grant?

To be eligible for the Capital Grant funding, the value of a single item in the project must be at least $5,000 and there must be a life expectancy of at least five years. Clients and employees may benefit from the project as the funds are intended to serve Tulare County pregnant women and/or children ages zero through five.

Can you clarify what this means in the FAQs: “Please upload your grant application as a single folder, and not as individual files. Your folder should be labeled as the name of your organization and program”?

The “single folder” instead of “individual files” means to upload your documents all as one file folder (like you would find in your documents on your computer) which has all of your individual documents in it, rather than submitting all documents separately.

Do we need to share the resumes of the staff on the grant? Or just job descriptions for unfilled positions?

In the section of the proposal narrative dedicated to Qualifications of Organization and Proposed Project Personnel, you must provide the names and list qualifications, relevant experience, education, and training of each person that will work on the project. Include subcontractors and administrators that will have significant involvement in the project. Job descriptions may be substituted if positions are not currently filled. Resumes are not necessary.

Can the percentage of salaries not charged to First 5 be used as a match?

Matching Funds must support the program funded by First 5 Tulare County. Funds required to support the entire agency or organization or to support other projects related to, but not part of, First 5 funded projects are not considered matching funds for First 5 reporting purposes.

Can the salary % of a staff working on a separate First 5 funded program such as PLAY be used as a match?

The PLAY program is funded by CalWORKS, not First 5 (Proposition 10). Proposition 10 funding may not be used as the match in your application.

Does the Budget form need to be in Times New Roman, size 12 font? The downloaded format does not allow me to change the font or size. Also the form on the bottom has a footer of 2012-2015 do we need to change it?

You do not need to alter the Budget Form. Complete it in the format allowed. When we download the form we do not see a footer. Please be sure you are clicking on the right form, and that your computer is not defaulting to an old saved form.