• Comprehensive School Readiness

    Tulare City School District

    Four components are provided : two preschool classes for children three to five years of age with special needs; four after school preschool classes are offered for typically developing children; and monthly staff development training and weekly coaching from an Occupational Therapist.

  • Early Steps to School Success

    Save the Children Federation

    Program activities included early childhood education services education services for parents, home-school connections, and ongoing staff training provided through home visitation for community childhood educators.

  • Ivanhoe First 5 Program

    Visalia Unified School District

    Preschool classes for three and four year olds are provided as well as home visits to mothers and infants in the community.

  • Traver School Readiness

    Traver Joint Elementary School District

    A preschool program is provided for three and four year olds within the school district.

Healthy Children

Programs that support the mental and physical health of children

Strong Families

Programs that support families and their ability to promote their child's development


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